New Students

The Registration Process

It is important to register with a local GP (NHS doctor) when you start University. To register with the Medical Centre situated in the Hub, Coventry University please see options below. it is important not to wait until you are ill before registering with us.

The easiest way to register is online. There is a translation tool available if you register online.

There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. You can complete this online on your pc/tablet/mobile phone.
  2. Scan the following QR code on your smartphone which will take you straight to the registration page.
  3. Download the following documents, complete and take to the Medical Centre.

Alternatively, you can complete the registration documents at the Medical Centre.

Find out more about how the NHS works for international students…

Towards the end of September every year during fresher’s weeks, representatives from the Medical Centre will be in the Hub at Coventry University whilst you are registering for your courses to help you with GP registration.

Please do not wait until you are ill before registering with us.

Practice Boundary

You are able to register at the Medical Centre if you are currently a student at Coventry University, and live within the Coventry City boundary. That is that your address has a post code of CV1 to CV6.

Temporary Patients

If you are registered at another GP surgery in the UK, but are staying temporarily in the area and need to see a GP, you may register at the practice as a Temporary Resident. We can then provide you with the medical care you require for the duration of your stay.

To register as a temporary resident you will need to complete and sign a Temporary Resident Form. You can obtain this form from the surgery reception.