Support for Carers

There are over 32,000 family carers in Coventry.  Are you one of them? 

Family carers are people of any age who, without payment, look after family members, friends or neighbours who could not manage alone due to illness, disability, mental health needs, substance dependency or old age.

Many carers do not recognise the vital role they are playing and often ‘just get on with it’ without thinking that there may be support to help them.

We are committed to supporting carers to help them access advice and support at the earliest opportunity.   We are working in partnership with Carers Trust Heart of England who provide family carers information, advice and support, including practical support, to meet carers individual needs.

Without support, caring for someone can lead to carers’ lives being adversely affected in a number of ways, in particular, financial disadvantage, social isolation and ill health.  To support carers to look at their situation and support available, carers have a right to an assessment of their own needs, the assessment considers the impact on a carer’s activities beyond their caring responsibilities and the impact on their health and wellbeing.

Carers Trust Heart of England provide FREE and CONFIDENTIAL one to one support here at the surgery fortnightly on Fridays, please speak to the practice staff for information about their clinics.

You can access more information about caring at: